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Peak to Peak Electric is very versatile in its services:

Panel Upgrades

  • Are you adding electrical components in your home and running out of space?

  • Does your panel possibly pose a threat to you and your family?

  • Has your insurance company refused to insure you because your panel is outdated?

  • Or, does it seem like you are not running enough power?

Call Peak to Peak Electric for a panel review or upgrade.

Service Calls

Peak to Peak Electric is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will provide a convenient time to give you a consultation.

Surge Protection

An electrical surge can destroy your most expensive electronics in a matter of seconds!  Peak to Peak Electric can provide you with the best methods of protecting not only your valuable electronics, but your valuable home from unpredictable voltage spikes.


Landscape Lighting


Need to enhance the appeal of your home or add security and safety to both your home or business?  From path lighting to garden lighting, Peak to Peak Electric can provide you with not only the service but the ideas.


Peak to Peak Electric lights are reasonably priced and durable for south Florida weather.


Recessed Lighting


Whether you are remodeling or building a home, lighting is a key component in both style and function.  If you have an older home that needs light or you are wanting to brighten your kitchen or a dark corner, turn a room into a lighter, brighter dynamic space, or want to fill your master suite with romantic lighting, Peak to Peak Electric can provide you with a solution.


Give your home an incandescent look and feel!




We can help determine your power needs in order to select the right generator, removing the guesswork and giving you confidence in the event of a power outage.


Energy-Saving Consultation


Peak to Peak Electric will show you how your home can save your family money, but also help with saving the environment.


New Construction/Remodels


No plans, no problem!  We can design a layout for your new or remodeled lighting scheme project. 

Peak to Peak
Electric LLC

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